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Blockchain Finance Forum Vienna

This week saw the Blockchain Finance Forum take place in Vienna on Wednesday 22nd October. This was one of those events – sadly, relatively rare – that seemed to get the mix of quality and quantity right. Some events are very large but the quality of speakers and attendees just don’t seem to make the grade, whilst others promise to be large events but fail to gain enough interest and so they are left feeling rather empty.

BFF Vienna, however, hit the perfect middle ground where it attracted a select group of the great and the good from the blockchain community with a particular interest in the financial service sector. It was large enough to have real traction and a great mix of speakers and attendees, whilst at the same time being intimate enough to enable meaningful networking with the speakers and fellow attendees.
Speakers included IBM, Bank Frick, Sygnum, Revolut, Ripple, Raiffeisen Bank, MakerDAO, Bitpanda, Exante, OKCoin, Borse Stuttgart, Ganzger & Partner, London Stock Exchange, and PSP Angels. Representatives of Crypto Pi’s offices in London and Riga attended.

As a technology, blockchain has many potential uses but the financial service sector is certainly one that would be an extremely good fit and perhaps that was one of the reasons that the event worked so well. The continued rise in the level of interest in blockchain, and indeed the possibilities for its use, mean that those interested in the sector need to be increasingly choosy as to which of the many events to attend. As with most things in life, the balance between quality and quantity is crucial and this event was a day well spent.

Kevin R Smith CEO Crypto Pi