Our opportunities

    tokenized shares of innovation funds

     Investing with us in asset management and cryptocurrency is simple, profitable, safe and reliable

    - convenient to replenish the account

     - low entry threshold: minimum investment  $ 100

     - lastly we achieved +467% BTC for the year

     - independent diversification of risks: The ability to balance risk and profitability by buying / selling tokens from various portfolios

     - transparent procedure KYC / AML

     - we provide client reporting

     - client data and all the history of movements and quotes of tokens is recorded in its own blockchain

     - the ability to withdraw assets without charges or loosing any gains made

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    CO Pi token 2019   | CO Pi token 2018  | CA Pi token 2019     

  • PRO EX Pi

     We created a licensed cryptocurrency exchange    

    -written on its own blockchain
    - high level of security: assets are kept in cold wallets
    - the ability to replenish the account by international plastic cards
    - low commissions
    - available listing, IEO

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  • OTC Desk

    EX Pi OTC (Over-the-counter) Exchange Desk is aimed at crypto professionals and investors enabling them to buy and sell medium and large volumes of cryptocurrency outside of the exchange markets through private deals.

    Ex Pi is a secure licensed service provider and we offer one of the lowest minimal volume limits of the deal on the market starting from 10.000 Euro.

  • Wallet

     - mobile bank for real financial freedom

    A new generation of mobile banking, where in addition to the usual EUR, USD, RUB the balance of crypto assets is reflected

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  • Crypto ATM

    A new era of ATMs that no longer burden their customers with searching for an ATM of their bank and excessive bank commissions. Deposits / withdrawals and payments are available in our terminals both using familiar bank cards, and using electronic and crypto wallets, smartphones and cash.

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  • EuPi

     – stablecoin, written on the basis of the ERC20 blockchain, provided with liquid and reliable financial instruments

    1 EuPi = 1 EUR
    - 0% commission on transactions
    - stores your assets outside the banking system
    - ideal for crypto trading

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  • White label cards

    branding for a client not only online versions of the above services, but also the issue of plastic cards

  • Mass Payments

    A service for corporate clients who need to make payments and transactions to a large number of customers and agents. The service can be provided on the basis of classic financial instruments, or using blockchain technology, which makes it cheaper and more secure,  including removing insurance restrictions. A mix of fiat and cryptocurrencies is possible.

  • Cryptoprocessing

    Based on our own blockchain, all of the above services have become more affordable, cheaper and safer. We offer our customers and partners an adapted and visualized interface for working on the blockchain. It is suitable for organizing financial and settlement services, as well as for building an intra-industry system for accounting / settlement of goods and services.

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    – closed type investment fund, organized and registered in Netherlands, benefiting from the legal infrustructure, that makes the Netherlands one of the leading financial centers of the world

    - stable yield of 9% per annum in EUR
    - anonymity
    - the ability to legitimately invest in cryptocurrencies

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  • Mining

    For investors:

     ⁃ Electricity from 5 eurocents / kW

     ⁃ Turnkey solution: ready-made containers, safety, cooling, fire-fighting powder system, server, etc.

    For miners 

    ⁃ Withdrawal to deposits on fiat accounts and cards 

    ⁃ Creation of companies for the accumulation of profits, followed by free use around the world in more than ten jurisdictions 

    ⁃ Providing cryptocurrency cards, etc

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Fintech ecosystem

Pi Capital Union provides our customers with a full range of services in the field of blockchain technology

Own blockchain

All our services are developed on the basis of our own blockchain, which means they are cheaper and more affordable.

Team of professionals

The best specialists in the field of IT and blockchain, traders with a history of positive profitability both in traditional markets and in cryptocurrency

Licensed activities

We have received all the necessary licenses to conduct business legitimately. Our activities comply with KYC / AML legislation


Our stablecoin EuPi is backed by reliable liquid financial instruments; crypto assets are stored in cold wallets; all accounts are protected by two-factor authentication

Simplicity and Reliability

Managing money with Pi Capital Union is simple, secure, legitimate and confidential

Our team

Kevin R Smith

Chief Executive Officer


Alexey Shternshis

Joint Managing Director

Сapital Pi

Alex Zask

Chief Development Officer


Konstantin Kolokolov

Chief Operating Officer


Anastasia Vilenskaya

Customer service support

Pi Capital Union

Andrew Kim



News blog

 18 October 2019 

On October 14 and 15, the Pi Capital Union team attended a major blockchain conference in Northern Europe held in Estonia.

Best speakers from around the world shared their ideas, knowledge and vision of market trends.

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 23 October 2019 

This week saw the Blockchain Finance Forum take place in Vienna on Wednesday 22nd October. This was one of those events – sadly, relatively rare – that seemed to get the mix of quality and quantity right. Some events are very large but the quality of speakers and attendees just don’t seem to make the grade, whilst others promise to be large events but fail to gain enough interest and so they are left feeling rather empty.

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