We make news: Coinbase mistakenly sends 2FA reset notifications to customers. Users panic.

Last week, Coinbase customers complained about fraudulent transactions on the crypto exchange that literally evaporated money from their accounts, and despite Coinbase’s apology, the trouble was not over.
It turned out that the exchange sent an email to 125,000 users, mistakenly notifying them of a change in two-factor authentication settings.
Clients of the leading American crypto exchange, of course, were unpleasantly surprised and considered this letter a phishing attack.
Coinbase apologized publicly yesterday, posting on Twitter: “We are focused on building trust and security in the crypto community so that the open financial system we all want becomes a reality. We understand that problems like these can undermine that trust. ”
In response to the announcement, many of the exchange’s clients reported taking significant action in response to the email, including liquidating their crypto assets.
In the spirit of the times, the discussion continued in the comments on social media, where, emotionally, customers reported that they had been unable to access the Coinbase app for several days.
“We will continue to work to restore the trust of each of our customers who have been impacted by these notifications,” added Coinbase.
In an effort to make amends, Coinbase announced that it will reimburse users for moral damages in Bitcoin in the amount of $ 100. Quite a low price for lost trust, by the way. Now it is clear from customer reports that they still have not received the promised compensation. For example, “Film2021” and “CoCraic_PNW” said they are preparing to transfer their assets to another exchange in light of the incident.
Share with us in the comments your assessment of the situation – will Coinbase be able to stay afloat after such failures, or has its reputation been irretrievably lost?