We make news: new long-term pharming program on TON Swap DEX

So, the work week has started, and we are happy to share some cool news from Broxus!
“You thought we were done with big updates? No, we’re just getting started!”
🔥 We have great news about the new long term farming program on TON Swap DEX.
❓ What do we mean by long-term pharming?
Long-term farming is the same farming you are used to, but without a set end date. You will have unlimited pools on TON Swap, which means only one thing – now you can farm without restrictions until you decide that you have enough. But is it possible?) And also you no longer have to create a new pool every time you change the farming speed, because changes can now be made every two weeks.
🧨But wait, there’s more:
We now have vesting to help balance the increase in farming speed and TVL. In addition to vesting, we made a farming boost, which will allow liquidity pool tokens that are not branded to be processed at higher speeds than those that are branded at a higher frequency.
You can apply boost to the following pairs:
Boost will serve as a good motivation for investors with long liquidity, and it will benefit the entire ecosystem.
💁What are we doing this for?
It’s simple. TON Swap gets stronger and cooler. The liquidity of TON on TON Swap is now greater than all the liquidity of all CEX combined! And this figure will only increase. In addition, the total trading volume for all pairs with WTON has almost reached $ 40 million over the entire existence of the DEX. The total net sales of TON (all sales – all purchases) amounted to $ 4.3 million tokens. Of these tokens sold from pharming ~ $ 1.5 million, most of the farmers cost a long time.
➕ Thanks to the Crystal Handshake program, there is now a place in the FreeTON ecosystem for new interesting projects! We plan to add a number of new tokens to TON Swap, which, in turn, will further expand the possibilities of DEX farming.
Projects that you will soon see on TON Swap:
FRTN (gaming industry, tip3)
EUPI (stable euro, tip3)
BDCC (gaming industry, binance ecosystem)
FRAX (the project was unable to meet the requirements for vesting and dynamic farming speed in order to launch the program)
Chatex (immediately after the initial distribution)
Several tip3 projects from Ton Labs and the community, a funnel of 6 projects
Several projects from the ETH ecosystem, a funnel of 8 projects
🔍We have a large and important investigation from Analytics & Support (A&S) about FreeTON’s initials. Most of the accounts from which net sales were carried out are linked directly or through exchanges with FreeTON initials (FreeTON initials). These sales caused the price of TON to fall. The investigation, due out next week, details their impact on the ecosystem and next steps to remedy the situation. “
🤓 Detailed article on the new long-term farming program already Medium Broxus.